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CHCS Financial Policy

Below is an outline of our financial policies. Make sure to read over everything carefully,
and if you have any questions at all, fell free to cal us today!


Grades K-3 through 5th

2023 – 2024 School Year


Annual Tuition Monthly Tuition
**CHCS 1/2 Day: $4,500.00 $450.00
CHCS Full Day: $6,500.00 $650.00

** Half Day is available for three and four-year-olds only.

There is a 5% tuition discount for 2nd and 3rd children in the same family.


We offer a 5% discount for families paying their entire annual tuition by the start of school.


Fee Schedule:

Enrollment Fee:  $270.00, paid at time of application

Book Fee:  $125.00, paid on completion of enrollment packet

School Advancement fee:  $200, paid through the FACTS payment plan account


The annual tuition charge is figured for the entire school term.  Tuition may be paid in full and receive a 5% discount on or before August 3, or divided into two semesters to be paid on August 3 and January 3 and receive a 2.5% discount.  Families who prefer monthly tuition may have their annual tuition divided into ten equal monthly payments; no less in months that have holidays and no more in months that have more than four weeks.  For children registered after school begins, tuition will be pro-rated on the basis of a 180-day school year.  The full $270.00 enrollment fee and $125 book fee are required for children that register after the school year begins. The $200 School Advancement fee will be added to the payment plan account in FACTS and may be paid in full or divided monthly and paid with tuition at each family’s discretion.


Monthly tuition is paid via auto draft through FACTS tuition management. All families are required to have a FACTS account.  Tuition payments will begin on August 3rd, and end on May 3. **  If tuition is past due more than 45 days, the student will not be allowed to attend school until the arrears and the next month are paid in full. **

The Book & Enrollment Fee is $395.00 total.  The Non-refundable fees cover texts, testing and administrative costs and must be submitted with each student’s Enrollment & Application. No consideration or action on the application (interviews, testing, etc.) will be taken until this fee is paid. Payment of the Book & Enrollment Fee insures placement in the classroom.


After-School Care is available from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. for an extra fee.  


A Late Fee is charged after 6:00 pm of $2.00 for each minute late per child.  Both the “drop in” rate and late charges are paid when the child is picked up.


At CHCS we are very serious about academics, which are provided in an atmosphere that is warm and nurturing.