CHCS Dress Code

Chapel Hill Christian School requires all students K-3 and older to wear school uniforms to school every day.  Our uniforms consist of a school uniform shirt with khaki or navy pants, skirts or shorts.  School uniform dresses may also be worn.


School shirts will all be purchased from Land’s End. Land’s End jumpers & skirts for girls may be worn in the navy, khaki or navy plaid.  The dress with the pleated skirt may be worn in all the colors.  You may purchase plain khaki or navy blue pants, skorts, skirts and shorts from the retailer of your choice. 

Outer-wear such as jackets and shoes are not required to be uniform.  All closed front shirts such as a sweatshirt must have a logo.  Open front shirts such as a zip-front sweatshirt or a cardigan sweater do not need logos.  All school shirts, dresses & jumpers must have the CHCS logo embroidered on it by Land’s End

Shirt Styles:  Shirt style choices will include long or short sleeved polos, blouses, and turtlenecks , either mock or regular style, sweaters or sweater vests and sweat shirts. (No tee shirts either long or short sleeved will be worn to school without a school shirt over them except on special dress days.)

Colors:  All students are required to purchase one cobalt blue polo shirt to be worn with khaki bottoms for special days when we want a uniform look. Other shirt color choices will be up to the individual student/family to choose from the solid colors that Land’s End makes.

School Uniforms are not required for 2-Yr. old PreSchool students.

Catalogs with our school code number for purchasing are available in the office.

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