The Penguins Class (Infants)

Ratio: 1 to 4 (One teacher to every four children)

The focus in this classroom is to continue the schedule or structure that parents have developed at home.  The lesson planning includes individualizing every child’s needs and meeting those needs as required.  Each milestone reached by our infants is celebrated and they are challenged to reach the next level.  Some examples of appropriate milestones in the infant room are children responding to their names or other sounds, learning to hold a bottle, pressing buttons on a toy, finger painting, sitting, crawling from one point to the other for a toy or for their teacher. Daily opportunities are provided so that the Infants learn cognitively, physically, socially, and creatively as their emotional needs are being met. The infant room activities include being held and cuddled, tummy time, exploration with books and music as well as outside exploration time.


The Kangaroos Class (Toddlers)

Ratio: 1 to 6 (One teacher to every six children)

This classroom is developmentally designed for young Toddlers.  Opportunities are created for the children to be able to move around, master walking and get more stable while they explore their environment.  The lesson plan in this classroom includes fine and gross motor skill development, finger play, puzzles, dramatic play activities, trucks and cars, dolls, books, and music exploration, finger painting and the use of push and pull toys.  There is a focus on language development, social/emotional skills development as well as introduction to simple self – help skills like trying to feed themselves.  The children are introduced to circle time where they enjoy music and movement activities, listen to stories and enjoy singing along and finger plays.  Daily outside exploration is part of their routine as they enjoy riding in the buggy and wagons to experience the outdoors.


The Elephants (Older Toddlers & Young Twos)

Ratio: 1 to 6 (One teacher to every six children)

This classroom is divided into learning centers which include; dramatic play, sensory and manipulatives, books, baby dolls, puzzles, blocks, cars, and trucks.  The children enjoy interactive circle time where stories are shared daily, music, movement, and rhymes are integrated with finger-plays. Their lesson plans include the introduction to the letters of the alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors.  The focus is on social-emotional development, language, physical (fine and gross motor) cognitive along with more self- help skills development.  The children are learning to be more independent and expressive as they learn to use their words to communicate. They enjoy daily exploration outdoors as they learn to hold the “walking rope” to go outside. The lesson plans focus on using all their senses and exploring several things within their environment.  The children who show signs of being ready are starting to be potty-trained in this classroom.  The children in this classroom are introduced to bible stories and songs.


The Giraffes (Twos Year Olds)

Ratio: 1 to 8 (One teacher to every eight children)

This classroom provides opportunities for the children to explore their immediate environment as they interact with several manipulatives, toys, puzzles, books, music, arts and craft, and finger plays.  Enjoying the outdoors is also part of their daily curriculum.  They hold on to the “walking rope” and learn to walk in line, as part of a small group, following the directions of their teachers.  Their lesson plans focus on the development of their social/emotional skills, physical (fine and gross motor), cognitive, language and overall development.  There is a high concentration on potty training in this class and our goal is to have every child potty trained by the end of the school year.  The children are encouraged to use their words and communicate their feelings and needs to their friends and teachers thereby developing their language skills as well as social skills.  Finger plays are integrated into daily circle time where books are also shared.  The children are introduced to pre-reading and math skills as they are introduced to the letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  While the focus is play based, the children start recognizing their names, the names of their friends, start learning to count and interact with numbers and shapes.  They are also introduced to Bible stories and songs.